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How much does it cost?

Generally one 4'x5' window is 100.00-150.00. This is a starting price. Please contact me for individual price.

Do you paint on inside or outside?

I mostly paint on the outside.

Can I prolong the life of my window design?

Yes, there is a clear gloss coat available for between 20.00-100.00 extra depending on amount to be covered.

How do I remove the paint?

It is recommended to have a professional window cleaner remove your artwork. However, I do provide insturctions after I paint for you, it involves a razor scraper.

Will the paint wash off in the rain?

No, I use special paint made for glass, it is weather proof: however under direct exposure to heavy rain or snow it may chip or crack over time.

Do I need to prepare window before you arrive?

That would be great! but if not I will clean your windows prior to painting.

Do you come up with the design?

Yes, once we consult about what you are looking for I will provide a design on paper for your approval.

How long of a wait for your service?

It depends on my prior commitments, generally within a weeks time.



Hope this helps any other questions please feel free to email me through my contact form. Thank you!




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